Did George win?


The George and Dragon

Aysgarth, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire

The George and Dragon is set in the delightful village of Aysgarth in the Yorkshire dales, the village is also home to the amazing Aysgarth falls, a beautiful natural set of waterfalls which are more than worth a visit either to build up a appitite before dining or for burning off some of the amazing food The George and dragon has to offer.

We have dined here twice now and both times have been delightful, the pub itself is a quintessential Dales pub, Beams, open fire (which is more than welcome in Winter) real ales on tap as well as bottled, Some of the ales are local to wensleydale brewed just a couple of miles away at Askrigg including their own George and Dragon ale (a lovely pint I must say) so as a package what more can you ask for.

The George and Dragon is also a hotel with competative rates from a night to a week, there is also a more formal dining area which has seating for plenty, including party’s

Now onto the food itself

Kerry had the Smoked Haddock on bubble and squeak with poached egg and a creamy leek sauce, the images included show just how delightful it was presented, the portion size was just right for Kerry as she isn’t the biggest eater but commented afterwards that it was more than filling, all the ingredients were as fresh as a daisy, the poached egg was perfection with the most golden yolk I’ve ever seen, the sauce was just the right consistancy not think and gloopy but just coated the dish as a proper sauce should do. The smoked haddock was real smoked haddock not the dyed kind but proper smoked in a smoke house (not sure of the location sorry), the bubble and squeak was crispy and cooked with care as bubble and squeak can be easily ruined by overcooking.

I had the Haddock and chips which again was fantasticly cooked, the fish batter is made with Black sheep ale which gives it a lovely light crunch and the subtle taste of the ale, as you can see from the photo’s it is the most perfect golden colour. The chips are hand cut fresh chips and again are cooked just right as were the mushy pea’s again home made, the tartare sauce was a lovely little treat I alway forget about if we go to a ‘chippy’ which again home made, not to over powering or processed tasting like the ones Fish and chips shops tend to use and with a pint of George and dragon ale along side it was the perfect way to spend a hour in the glorious dales sunshine watching the new born lambs play over the road. For dessert I had the Triffle which for me is a bit different as I usually have a chocolate based dessert but not this time, and I was more than happy with my choice, it came with a chocolate shard (see I got chocolate in there somewhere) and was made with George and dragon alcohol which I assume is a kind of bespoke made sherry, the triffle itself was lovely and fresh with just enough base as not to make the triffle all bitty if you know what I mean, for me it was lovely and refreshing and once summer hits I’ll no doubt be having it again.

Did George win…..Yes he most definitely did!!

So if you’re this way on in Wensleydale, you can’t get better than a quick trip to the George and Dragon in Aysgarth.


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