Hello, Aye up and welcome


My name is Rich and as you may of guessed I live in the Yorkshire dales, in the national park itself and yes we are very lucky to do so, we as in myself my wife Kerry and our Springer Spaniel Mrs Pickles.

We moved up to the Dales from Lincolnshire last October in a very crazy fashion,

we came up last September on holiday and I fell completly in love with the place, Kerry has been coming up here all her life (family) so we decided to take the leep and move up here as the dales are a amazing place to be with the views the people and beyond most things the FOOD, we love food and dining out, be it a cheap and cheerful place to a bit of cheeky fine dining, so this is my blog of our adventures of dining in the dales, with reviews and links to our favourite places we have found and find


So I hope you enjoy!

Rich (Dalesdiner)


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